Pollinator protection plan: 2022-2027 objective | Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery

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The Cemetery Adopts the City of Montreal's Pollinator protection plan: 2022-2027 objective

This plan, announced by the Mayor on November 9, aims to improve the living conditions of pollinators and to promote actions to encourage them. The plan includes three areas of intervention and 14 actions to be implemented to make Montreal a more welcoming territory for a diverse community of pollinators. 

The Cemetery has been working towards this goal for the past three years through the implementation of its green plan. We have converted over a million square feet of previously grassy land into a huge flower meadow that is now teeming with a variety of native flowers and plants, as well as pollinating insects and birds from spring to fall. We have also developed our pollinator reflex by developing several spaces in differentiated management by integrating several native species. The Artists' Union and the Artists' Foundation, who own significant land in the cemetery, have agreed to contribute to our efforts to improve conditions for pollinators by replacing their lawns with native plant mixes. We have also complied this year with the request not to mow the lawn during the month of May and we are encouraging our concession customers to plant native perennials on their plots rather than seasonals. All of these changes have contributed to a significant increase in the number and variety of insects and butterflies, including the return of the Monarch butterfly, Montreal's iconic pollinator.

Montreal is a leader in the protection of biodiversity and we are committed to continuing and increasing our efforts to contribute to the success of this new plan. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)