COVID-19: impacts and preventative measures


While the Montréal area reached the orange alert level for COVID-19 on September 21, the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery management is complying with the new sanitary guidelines issued by public health authorities. We would also like to remind you that it is our collective duty to be more vigilant in order to avoid an increase in community transmission that would lead to further restrictions.

Together, let's continue to:
- stay home if we have symptoms of COVID-19;
- limit our non-essential travel;
- wash our hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
- cough or sneeze into our elbows and immediately discard any used tissues;
- avoid physical contact with others and maintain a distance of 2 metres between people from different households;
- wear a face mask in indoor public places.

Thank you for helping us make Notre-Dame-des-Neiges as safe as possible.

Last updated: September 21, 2020, 11 a.m.

N. B. The most recent guidelines are indicated in bold.



  • It is once again possible to meet with a counsellor without an appointment.

  • The cemetery site is open to everyone, but the facilities (administrative pavilion, washrooms, etc.) are reserved for people with appointments.

  • The water distribution system is not in operation; please use the water tanks available for this purpose. Please bring containers to transport water from the tank to your plot.

  • The Notre-Dame-de-la-Résurrection Chapel is once again open for Masses and can accommodate up to 25 people simultaneously. The interior of the chapel has been rearranged to encourage physical distancing and is disinfected between each celebration. Wearing a mask is obligatory. It is not possible, at first, to receive condolences, which are too conducive to physical closeness. Please note that the monthly commemorative Masses will not resume for the moment.

  • Mausoleums are open again starting on July 6. Please visit the Contact us page for their opening hours.

  • The secondary entrances located on Decelles Avenue and Camillien-Houde Road have reopened. However, the Camillien-Houde entrance will remain closed on weekends.

  • The on-site concession search service (counter and interactive terminals) will not be available. Please plan your visit in advance by consulting the Burial Location section of our website.
  • The cemetery remains closed on Sundays.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to deny or restrict access to the site to anyone who does not respect these guidelines, or in all circumstances where the situation requires it.
  • According to Quebec government guidelines, people 70 years of age and older should avoid leaving the house. We therefore encourage them, for their own health, not to come to the cemetery.


  • Wearing a mask is strongly recommended for all persons coming to the cemetery and mandatory inside all buildings (administrative pavilion, mausoleums, etc.).
  • In accordance with government guidelines for activities in indoor or outdoor public places, including places of worship, a maximum of twenty-five (25) persons wearing the mask are authorized to attend burials on the grounds or in mausoleums.
  • Any person wishing to embellish his or her plot with flowers is permitted to do so in accordance with the regulations, but is requested to bring back his or her planting material. Disposing of these materials at home will avoid unneccessary handling in times of pandemic and will help preserve the cleanliness and dignity of the premises.
  • A maximum of two (2) family members are permitted to enter the office for signatures simultaneously (in addition to the person conducting the funeral).
  • Families must maintain a safe distance of two (2) metres between each person.


  • Funeral home employees who come to the cemetery must wear gloves and masks.
  • Our employees make sure to keep at least two (2) meters of distance between each person.
  • Our employees will not shake hands until further notice, but will present themselves verbally.
  • Chairs have been spaced out in the offices and waiting rooms to allow maximum distance between people.
  • We give preference to payment by card rather than cash to reduce the chances of contamination. In addition, the payment terminals are disinfected after each payment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I go to the cemetery without an appointment to make the funeral arrangements for a loved one?

Yes. However, you must wear a mask inside all buildings.


There is a death among my loved ones. Can I make an appointment at the cemetery to make the funeral arrangements?

Yes. However, we limit to two (2) the number of people who can be present in the office simultaneously, in addition to the funeral director. We have also increased the frequency of office cleaning.


Can I take care of my prearranged services?

Yes. Those who wish to make pre-arrangements can contact one of our counsellors.


Is it possible to hold a funeral mass or a memorial mass? Will the Masses that were already planned take place?

Yes, Masses are once again possible in the Notre-Dame-de-la-Résurrection Chapel, which can accommodate up to 25 people who must wear the mask. However, the monthly memorial masses are still suspended.


The burial of a loved one was planned in the coming weeks; will it still take place?

Yes. A maximum of 40 people wearing a mask are allowed to attend ground burials and 25, mandatorily wearing a mask, for mausoleum burials. In addition, everyone present must observe a minimum distance of two (2) meters between each other.


Can I go to the cemetery to visit a loved one's resting place on the grounds or in a mausoleum?