Remembrance Grove Welcomes Its First Resident

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Remembrance Grove Welcomes Its First Resident

Today, we pay tribute to Mrs. Ana S.L., who was interred yesterday afternoon under the first tree of Remembrance Grove. She thus inaugurates a new chapter at Notre Dame des Neiges, a chapter in her image: in harmony with nature.

Originally from Venezuela, Ana S.L. taught fine arts in her native country, and owned a gift store whose imports from New York and elsewhere in the world were highly prized. She was an avid sportswoman, including diving, hiking and backpacking. It was relatively recently that she immigrated to Canada, a country she chose for its nature and wide open spaces. When she heard about Remembrance Grove, knowing she was ill, she told her family that this was the option she wanted upon her departure. She chose the sugar maple tree as a natural monument to her memory, echoing one of her first paintings upon her arrival in Canada which depicted a maple leaf, a symbol of her host country and her love of nature.

We salute Mrs. Ana S.L. and offer our sincere condolences to her family. May she find peace and serenity in the company of the nature she loved so much.