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New Way Of Locating A Deceased Person

Faced with a high volume of searches using this tool, including the download of large files, we will be upgrading our database over the course of the coming months. So as not to interrupt access to information while we perform this upgrade, we will be able to answer information requests via email. Simply click on the link which appears next to the mention "liste des défunts" to send us your request. The list of the deceased in the concession will then be delivered directly to your inbox within two (2) business days. We thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

A place steeped in history

Did you know that Notre-Dame-des-Neiges was founded in 1854?

That it is recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada?

That close to one million deceased are buried here, including the personalities who have marked the history of our society?

That two famous architects were responsible for its landscaping?

That many of the monuments erected here were designed by renowned artists?

Discover the rich history of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges here!

Why make prearrangements at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges?

  • To save your loved ones from having to make many emotional decisions quickly;
  • To choose for yourself, during your lifetime, what will happen after your death and to ensure that your last wishes are respected;
  • To offer your loved ones an exceptional place of recollection in the heart of nature;
  • To lighten the financial burden on your loved ones;
  • To take advantage of the attentive listening and informed guidance of our counsellors;
  • To avoid the increase in costs incurred by inflation - by purchasing today a service that will be rendered several years from now, you are making an informed financial choice.

For more information, visit our Prearranged Services page.