Yves Rhéaume

Counsellor, prearranged services


Twelve years ago, I chose to become a counsellor for families. Over the years, my friendliness, authenticity and respect has enabled me to develop a relationship of trust with the families I have helped.


Speaking from experience, I have found that no family is the same when it comes to their needs; what suits a community is not necessarily suitable for everyone.


During my meetings with families, my approach involves kindness, a touch of humor, a warm welcome and listening without judgment.


My role is to guide you and help you with your decisions according to your desires, while respecting your budget. I offer you a one-stop shop for all your funeral needs, service proposals, recommendations suggestions as well as a framework for the necessary steps, in case of a death.


You will leave our meeting calm and reassured, having made the right decisions



I am always available for a consultation or to provide information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Cell phone : 514 880-9977

Cemetery : 514 340-4048 extension 224

Email : yrheaume@cimetierenddn.org