New service added : Webcasting and recording of the ceremonies

Montréal, April 2nd. 2019


Good day to all,

Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery now offers the Webcast of the funeral ceremonies that take place in the Notre-Dame-de-la-Résurrection Chapel.

That service is useful for members of several families that can’t physically assist the funerals. Reasons for those absences are numrerous: illness, living abroad, weather conditions…

The Webcasting is very safe, accessible by a unique private code. It also allows online viewing of the ceremony for three months without any additional cost.

To add more to that service, the ceremony can also be recorded on a USB key that will give you a timeless memory of the event, of the testimonies of your guests, and also a souvenir of our talented musicians.


Ask your counselor for more information or call us at 514 735-1361.



For ceremonies with musicians only, Duet, Trio or Quatuor.



Webcast : $50 plus tax

USB key : $50 plus tax


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