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Important Notice

Due to the weather conditions and the frequent snow, ice and rain, the Cemetery will remain closed to visitors until our limited staff can make access and circulation to the site completely safe. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. 

We will be able to serve bereaved families who have an appointment for a crypt or mausoleum burial or cremation service. These families will be admitted through the main entrance of the Cemetery, on Côte-des-Neiges Boulevard. No interments in the grounds are possible at this time.

The current strike is reducing the number of staff available at the Cemetery. For more information, please see the news release. We hope that negotiations will lead to the renewal of the collective agreements as soon as possible. For more information, please read the press release.

We will inform you on this page when access to the cemetery can be provided in a safe manner. Thank you for your understanding.

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Our Contact Information

Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery
4601, Côte-des-Neiges Road
Montréal (Québec)
H3V 1E7

Phone : 514 735-1361
Toll-free : 1 888 735-1361
Fax : 514 735-3019

The Cemetery can be accessed through the main entrance located at 4601 Côte-des-Neiges Road, between Forest Hill and Ridgewood Avenues, or through the secondary entrances located on Decelles Avenue and Camillien-Houde Road. Please note that the Camillien-Houde entrance is closed on weekends. On Sundays, the Cemetery is only accessible via the Côte-des-Neiges and Decelles entrances.

Our Location

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Can I visit the Cemetery outside of opening hours?

It is forbidden to walk in the Cemetery outside of the opening hours. Please consult the Contact & Hours tab for more information. 

Can I walk my dog at the Cemetery?

It is forbidden to walk or visit the Cemetery with any pet, including dogs. 

Can I take pictures in the Cemetery?

Only photographs for personal use are permitted. In order to respect the privacy of the deceased and their families, please refrain from posting photos that clearly depict names on headstones, personal monuments or private mausoleums.

For any professional filming or photo shoots, please contact the Cemetery administration to sign an agreement.

Can I plant flowers or a small bush nat the base of a tombstone?

You may plant perennials and seasonal flowers as long as the dimensions on a lot do not exceed the width of the base of the monument and 24 inches in depth.

Exception : For lots larger than 90 square feet, the depth may be up to 32 inches maximum.

May I place flowers on my beloved's niche in a mausoleum ?

A bouquet of natural flowers is permitted at the foot of a crypt or a niche only on the following holidays (except for the Ste-Marguerite d'Youville Mausoleum):

  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • All Saints' Day
  • Christmas

These natural flowers are permitted fifteen (15) days before and no later than seven (7) days after the holiday. The Fabrique’s personnel will remove all flowers, inclu- ding the vases, after that time limit.

Exception : This article does not apply to the Ste-Marguerite d'Youville Mausoleum, where flowers on the ground are prohibited at all times.

Can I throw away my garbage in the Cemetery?

It is strictly forbidden to throw away any garbage in the Cemetery. We care about the environment and the well being of the species living on site. We ask everyone who visits our site to kindly help us preserve the fauna and flora of Mount Royal by bringing back everything with you and by not leaving any garbage behind. This will help us in our mission to Leave No Trace.

Code of Conduct

The cemetery is a private place.

  • All persons visiting the site must comply with the cemetery’s regulations.

The cemetery is a sacred place.

  • Our cemetery is a place for contemplation. It is therefore inappropriate to lie down, sunbathe, or use its roads and lanes for athletic activities.
  • Pets are not allowed in the cemetery.

Caution and courtesy are required when moving about.

  • Visitors in vehicles are to circulate and park only on the paved roads and must avoid encroaching on grassy areas.
  • Maximum authorized speed is 30 km/h.
  • Be careful during your visit. Keep your valuables within sight and lock the doors of your vehicle.

The cemetery is part of a fragile ecosystem.

  • Behaviour marked by environmental awareness is a must to ensure that its natural heritage is protected.

Read the complete Cemetery regulations.

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