Strike Mandate from the Operations Employees Union

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Strike Mandate from the Operations Employees Union

The Notre-Dame des Neiges Cemetery Workers' Union, affiliated with the CSN, which represents the employees who process burials in the grounds and mausoleums as well as maintain our facilities, announced on March 29 that it had obtained a strike mandate for up to 10 days.

We regret this decision and hope that it will not result in any prejudice to our bereaved families and and those of our deceased.

We have undertaken a negotiation process with the unions representing our operations and office employees in a context where the Cemetery's operations have resulted in a major operating deficit for several years.

The average hourly wage of our operations employees is currently about $30.57, plus benefits, including vacation, insurance and a defined benefit pension plan, which represent an additional cost of 49%.

As a nonprofit organization, we need to reduce our costs in order to significantly decrease our annual deficit and achieve a balanced budget over the next few years.  We continue to negotiate a new labour agreement and thank you for your understanding.