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To meet a growing demand among our clients, we have built nine mausoleums since 1978. These mausoleums house hundreds of crypts containing caskets or urns. There are also columbaria with multiple niches enclosed in marble or plate glass that hold one or more urns.

Individual or double crypts and niches may be tastefully ornamented with an engraved inscription on marble or bronze. Mounted bronze lettering is also available. Photographs (printed on ceramic tiles or engraved on bronze plaques) and religious or decorative ornaments may be added to personalize the headstone or monument and its inscription.

Each mausoleum is a functional facility that is climate controlled at a constant temperature. Every mausoleum is built with loving care in marble and polished stone, and illuminated with taste and imagination. Families mourning the passing of a loved one can pay their respects in an atmosphere of peace and serenity, where the memory of the deceased is honoured with dignity and respect.


Cremation was authorized by the Vatican in 1967 and has been conducted at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery since 1976. The practice means different things to different people: it may be a religious observance, an act of consecration or a statement of environmental awareness. The ashes are collected in a funerary urn, which is then interred in a burial plot or niche. We offer a large selection of decorative funerary urns in bronze, marble, wood, glass and other materials. For more information, please visit our "Urns and Reliquaries" section under Commemorative Items.


There are nine mausoleums in the cemetery. The newest of these, the Esther Blondin Mausoleum, has over 6,000 interment spaces in crypts and niches. Since its official inauguration, on May 2008, it offers the opportunity to admire the serenity and splendour of its prestigious halls in their calm and exclusive environment.


The Saint Marguerite d’Youville Mausoleum contains a monumental work entitled "Transmutation" created by artist and glass worker Pierre Osterath.