Ground burial and interment of ashes

A great variety of plots available

Due to its incomparable location and size on the mount Royal, the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery still has many plots for rent.

Individual or family plots, up on the mountain or in the section of your cultural community, enjoy many choices. Plots can be for both coffins and funeral urns. When your plot is acquired, our counselors will help you choose the headstone or private mausoleum that suits you.


To visit our plots, contact us at 514 735-1361 or fill the form.



Plots for coffins (foundation included) From $3,790
Plots for funeral urns (foundation included) From $1,995
Funerary monuments From $1,485


The benefits of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery:

  • Thousands of plots still available;
  • Possibility of reserving spaces for you, your loved ones and generations to come;
  • A unique place of meditation, surrounded by nature, offering peace and serenity for the relatives who visit their loved ones who have passed;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Our team maintains the lawns and paths during the season.


Headstones, also called monuments, are an enduring testimony of a family’s memory. They symbolize the presence of the deceased and encourage reflection by bringing together those who remain.

Made of top quality granite, headstones are insured against rust, cracking or disintegration due to natural elements.

You may choose from the selection of models we have on site, or have one made to special order. You can customize your monument according to your tastes and requirements.

Customize Your Monument

For all monuments, we offer a selection of specialized services:

  • Engraving or inscription;
  • A ceramic photo;
  • Gold leaf painting;
  • Size and sculpture in relief.

To learn more about all of these options, call us at 514 735-1361 or fill the form available on this page.


Headstones From $1 495
Engraving service From $ 130 (first 15 characters)

Headstone Cleaning Service

The cleaning is done with a water vapour jet, meaning that no chemicals are used, so that the surrounding nature is protected.

This process gives back to your loved ones' monuments their original cachet and keeps the engraving intact.


Plots of 89 ft2 or less From $ 245
Plots of 90 ft2 or more Upon estimation


* This service is up to the standards of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Guide entretien monument

Download the care guide for your monument by clicking on the image (in French only)