Ginette Charland

Counsellor, prearranged services


Hello, Bonjour, Salve, Bom dia


As a counsellor at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery since 2007, I am recognized for my skills, my dynamism and my professionalism.


The satisfaction of my clientele has always been a top priority, with respect to their values and it is my attentive listening that allows me to understand your expectations and therefore propose the appropriate products and services.


The most wonderful proof of the recognition I have received for my good work comes from the testimonials of satisfied families.


  • "... I want to thank you personally for the excellent service you have given me. I appreciated your empathy and your professionalism. ... I feel a sense of trust with your institution, and I thank you again, for your personalized service. " Madame Lambert, July 2018.
  • "…I am writing to you, to compliment you for an excellent job you did…We'd really like to thank you for your expertise and knowledge in your profession and your friendly attitude to our customs and traditions (Greek orthodox). We were recommended to use your services from Mrs. C. Pitsakis. We would strongly recommend you, to all our relatives and friends and to our community who may have any future needs of your assistance. Thanks. Sincerely." Pantelis and Maria Mikedis, July 2018.
  • "Mrs Charland, thank you for your time and your empathy earlier today. The way you interact with people makes a big difference. Meeting you was wonderful and inspiring". Paola Mara, August 2018.


Additionally, I am actively involved with the Italian and Portuguese communities. I participate in the activities of the Casa d'Italia, the Order of the Sons of Italy, CIBPA, Mission Santa Cruz and Notre-Dame-de-Fatima.


Moreover, each year, I have the honor of welcoming them to our chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Resurrection, to commemorate their deceased and to celebrate the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima.


It is with confidence that you can call me for a detailed estimate, at no cost and set up a meeting with no obligation.


Warmest regards,


Cell phone : 514 214-8876

Cemetery : 514 340-4048 extension 281

Email :


Ginette Charland