Founded in 1854 and inaugurated in 1855, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery contains precious heritage resources to which the municipal, provincial and federal governments have attributed various historical statutes.

The funerary monuments are real stone archives. Several commemorative works have become true historical pieces, such as the Monument aux Patriotes, for example. The many works of art installed in the mausoleums also constitute a religious and artistic heritage of choice.

Also, we have several historic buildings, such as the Administrative Pavilion, the Notre-Dame-de-la-Résurrection Chapel, the Simon-Lacombe House ... that draw the attention of visitors by their cachet.

Here are some monuments and buildings that are worth a look.

Bannière rotative

Many Quebec artists have endowed the cemetery with exceptional monuments. Carved out of marble or granite, they had one common goal: to remember. From the 1880's to the economic crisis of 1929, the cemetery was endowed with exceptional monuments.

Bronze, ornaments, engravings, mosaics, angels, ... The variety of works and their components is important. Let us highlight the contribution of exceptional artists, including sculptors Louis-Philippe Hébert, and Henri Hébert, as well as Émile Brunet, of which there are some thirty works in the cemetery.

Here are some pictures of important works in the cemetery. Of course, there are so many that the selection is difficult to make. Come visit us to enjoy the beauty of our funerary heritage.

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