Crypt or columbarium interment

Crypt burial

Crypt burial allows the insertion of a coffin in a dedicated space called a crypt, located inside a mausoleum, offering an interior place of recollection, sheltered from the elements. The outer surface of the crypt can then be personalised with engraving and ornaments.

Columbarium burial

The columbarium burial allows a cinerary urn to be inserted in a niche provided for this purpose. Columbariums can be indoor (in a mausoleum) or outdoor. In the case of indoor columbariums, the niches may have a glass panel, allowing the urn to be accompanied by decorative items or photographs that recall the departed person. The niches of exterior columbariums may, like crypts, be personalized with engraving and ornaments.


Entombment on Saturdays now included with all new crypt purchases, subject to availability.

Crypt for a coffin From $5,900
Niches for an urn in a columbarium From $495
Cremation service (crematorium on site) From $525
Urns From $125


* Discount of 3% on niches or crypts when paid in full at the signature.

Our mausoleums

Mausoleums are buildings of great stature that offer an alternative to burial in the ground. They house several crypts or indoor columbariums and enable families to visit their loved ones all year long, no matter the weather.

Notre-Dame-des-Neiges counts 10 mausoleums and the most recent ones, Esther-Blondin and Eulalie-Durocher, still have spaces available and offer many advantages:

  • Choice of single, double or four-place crypts;
  • Easy access for our customers with reduced mobility thanks to an interior elevator;
  • Numerous parking spaces;
  • Possibility of purchasing private spaces for you and your loved ones;
  • Some niches can accommodate several urns in our columbariums;
  • Wall covering made of Quebec marble;
  • Formats available for people who are significantly overweight;
  • A vast choice of ornaments to personalize your crypt or niche;
  • Competitive prices;
  • A crematorium on site, which saves many unnecessary trips.

Esther Blondin Mausoleum

It is a warm and bright place. The large windows offer sublime views of the surrounding nature and Saint Joseph's Oratory. It allows burial in a crypt or niche for urns in our columbariums.

Eulalie-Durocher Mausoleum

It is a place where you will find serenity and comfort, in a modern environment that invites you to meditation. It allows burial in a crypt or niche of urns in our columbariums.

Private mausoleums

It is also possible to acquire land to build a private mausoleum according to your architectural plans. We will advise you on the plots of land at your disposal. Private mausoleums can accommodate several crypts and niches.

These mausoleums become a unique place of meditation for you and your loved ones, personalized according to your tastes and needs.

Mausolées privés

Private mausoleums