Notre-Dame-de-la-Résurrection Chapel

The Notre-Dame-de-la-Résurrection chapel was commissioned at the end of 1856. It was designed by the architect John Ostell. 

In order to ensure the security of the premises, it was built to house the chapel on the ground floor and the caretaker's accomodation upstairs.

This building is almost square in shape, which conveys an impression of solidity, sobriety and distinction. 

With its high ceilings and incredible acoustics, the recently renovated chapel is a place that inspires the meditation for bereaved families. Its warmly-coloured interior columbarium, adds to this atmosphere. 

The chapel also hosts to the monthly commemorative masses which take place every first Saturday of the month. Masses celebrated there are consecrated, contrary to what many funeral homes can offer. 


notre-dame-de-la-resurrection chapel