La Fabrique de la paroisse Notre-Dame de Montréal manages two major Montréal institutions: Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal and Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery.

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Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery

The Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery team includes approximately 160 permanent and seasonal employees.


Sales and Customer Service Department

The Sales and Customer Service Department is responsible for funeral activities, the quality and range of burial and cremation services, and the presentation and sale of available plots, crypt spaces in mausoleums and niches. The team also welcomes clients for pre-arrangements, provides support and services to families in the event of a passing and ensures the grounds, monuments, crypts and mausoleums are maintained.


The team includes the following:

  • Managers (2)
  • Family services coordinator (1)
  • Pastoral members (5 – as needed)
  • Office workers (seasonal and regular – over 20)


Gender distribution

Women                                           74 %
Men 26 %



1 to 10 years                                       27 %
10 to 19 years 41 %
20 years and over 32 %



DES (Diploma of Secondary Studies) 27 %
DEC (Diploma of Colege Studies) 41 %
Undergraduate degree 32 %


Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for the development, maintenance and repair of the cemetery’s grounds, roads, infrastructure, monuments and buildings. It also provides burial and cremation services as well as the placement of remains and ashes in niches and crypts.


The team includes the following:

  • Managers (7 – director and supervisors)
  • Operations employees (regular and seasonal – over 120)


Gender distribution

Women                              39 %
Men 61 %



1 to 10 years                        31 %
10 to 19 years 26 %
20 years and over 43 %



DES - Diploma of Secondary Studies (requirement for employment)


Compensation and benefits


The hourly rate of Sales and Customer Service Department employees varies from $30.06 to $33.54, depending on seniority.

The hourly rate of Operations Department employees varies from $28.49 to $32.73 and is $30.57 for the majority of them.



La Fabrique also provides a benefits program (leave, insurance, pension plan, etc.) worth 49% of earnings.


Sick days

Regular employees are entitled to an annual bank of sick leave days that can be cashed-out at the end of the year.


Public holidays and floating holidays

Regular employees have 10 days of statutory holidays during the year, plus five (5) floating holidays.


Personal days

Regular employees are also entitled to days off for bereavement, marriage, family obligations, etc.


Parental leave

Employees are entitled to twenty (20) consecutive weeks of maternity leave and may receive, if eligible, additional QPIP (Québec Parental Insurance Plan) benefits during maternity leave.


Vacation leave

Employees are entitled to annual vacations that vary from 10 days to more than 31 days depending on years of service.


Work week

The work week is 35 hours (5 days for 7 hours a day) for Sales and Customer Service Department employees and 36 hours over 4 days for Operations Department employees.


Group insurance

Regular and seasonal employees benefit from a group insurance program that includes life insurance, long-term income protection, accident and health insurance, and dental insurance. Operations Department employees also benefit from short-term wage-loss insurance. La Fabrique assumes all or most of the costs of each form of coverage.


Pension plan

The majority of employees benefit from a defined benefit pension plan (La Fabrique de la paroisse Notre-Dame de Montréal Employee Pension Plan). The fund is made up of contributions made by La Fabrique and by employees during their careers. La Fabrique is responsible for ensuring that the fund has the available capital required to meet the obligations of the plan.  

Contributions to the plan for Sales and Customer Service Department employees is 7% of their salary while the contribution for Operations Employees is 5% of their salary.



Staff training ensures the maintenance and development of employee skills. Training committees identify and evaluate employee training needs and management recruits experts to lead training. For example, the Operations Department has specialized employees trained to work efficiently and safely in various areas such as machinery operation, pruning and auto mechanics.


Health and safety

La Fabrique wants to protect the health and safety of all its employees and visitors to the cemetery.


Health – risk management and elimination

La Fabrique strives to reduce the risk of illness in the workplace.

COVID-19 – The pandemic has required the implementation of a series of employee health measures, a protocol for welcoming bereaved families and reduced access to the grounds and mausoleums for several weeks.


Safety – objective: eliminate accidents and injuries

La Fabrique makes every effort to ensure that its employees have a continuous concern for safety to avoid accidents and injuries in the workplace. This commitment is reflected in the cemetery’s activities.



Broaden your career at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery. In addition to maintaining the cemetery’s beauty and reputation, we are continuously adapting to changes in our environment and improving our response to our clientele’s evolving expectations.

When filling positions, we look for proactive candidates who are interested in the challenges we offer: people who will thrive in their work while contributing to client satisfaction and the achievement of our objectives. We are proud of our employees and open to cultural diversity.  

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