Located on the Mount Royal, which is also a classified heritage district, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery has always developed and managed its activities in respect of its environment.

Thousands of trees

Since 2008, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery has a Trees and Woodlands Management Plan. It contains certain commitments to enhance the landscape value of the site and its heritage contribution to Mount Royal and Montréal. Here are some of the actions:

  • Maintaining green assets by planting at least one replacement tree for each of the felled trees;
  • Diversification of planted species;
  • An increase in the total number of trees on site within 10 years.

The cemetery's arboreal park also includes 5 woodlands on its territory: the Saint-Jean-Baptiste woodland, the Eastern woodland, the Central woodland, the Western woodland and the Northern woodland. Between the trees that compose them and the ornamental trees, it is estimated that the cemetery has nearly 13,500 trees, several of which are centenarians.

The most common species are silver maples, Norway maples, horse chestnuts and sugar maples. But there are also oaks, cherry trees, ash trees, spruces, elms, poplars, cedars, weeping willows.

central woudland

The Central woodland

The notable trees

A list of a hundred remarkable trees has been established according to several criteria: their diameter, the estimated age, the general condition, the rarity of the species on the territory ... These trees give a certain added value to the cemetery's arboreal park. Here are some that stand out:

  • A 186 cm delloid poplar
  • A silver maple 254 years old
  • A 220 year old red oak
  • A 236-year-old sugar maple
  • White walnut (Butternut) and black maple are among the rarest species.

The cemetery gives special value to three poplars of the Notre-Dame section.

The Mount Royal site also has a list of its remarkable trees (French only), 7 of which are on the cemetery grounds.

poplars of notre-dame section

The poplars of the Notre-Dame section

red oak saint-francois and notre-dame mausoleums

The red oak in front of the Saint-François and Notre-Dame mausoleums.

Maintenance and fighting with the emerald ash borer

Each year, several employees work on the 340 acres of pathways, trees, lawns and landscaping of the cemetery. More than 500 arboreal interventions are carried out, from felling to pruning, tree planting, bracing, etc.

In addition to the prevention and special care given to trees infested by insects or problematic diseases, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery has been particularly active in the fight against emerald ash borer since 2010. All trees are treated or monitored rigorously.

In addition, a recent project has allowed us to transform those that could not be saved into ecological urns and magnificent wooden benches (now installed in our mausoleums), thanks to the good care of the circular economy company Bois Public.