Article 3

Article 3 - Concession and Temporary Grave

3.1 - Burial Contract - The Concession is granted upon the signing of a burial contract that covers the Maintenance of the Burial Site and has provisions for, among others, the name of the Concession Holder, the name(s) of the person(s) having been designated beneficiary or beneficiaries of the Concession, the description of the Burial Site, the terms and conditions pertaining to grave markers, the price of the Concession, and the term of the Concession, of which each renewal is not to exceed one hundred (100) years. This contract also contains a statement by the Concession Holder confirming that he or she has read, understands and is bound by the present regulations.

3.2 - Places Available in a Burial Site - The Fabrique retains the sole right to determine the number of places available in a Burial Site.

3.3 - Work Performed by Fabrique Employees - Employees of the Fabrique are the only persons authorized to dig graves, move bodies or carry out any other work required for the purposes of interment, disinterment or other procedures of a similar nature.

3.4 - Maintenance of Plots Granted Prior to 1930 - The Concession Holder of a Plot granted prior to 1930, without Maintenance, must contact an authorized representative of the Cemetery to make the necessary arrangements to remedy this situation.

3.5 - Term of Use of a Temporary Grave - The use of a Temporary Grave shall not exceed ten (10) years and said term may not be renewed. Upon expiration of the term, the Fabrique may remove any gravestones and reuse the Temporary Grave.

3.6 - Temporary Grave Monuments and Grave Markers Prohibited - It is forbidden to place a monument or any other grave marker on a Temporary Grave.

3.7 - Concession Prices and Other Fees - The price of a Concession, of the use of a Temporary Grave and of other goods and services as well as burial fees are set by the Fabrique and are payable in cash or by cheque to the Cemetery’s office. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, all charges are payable upon the signing of the contract and prior to the provision of any goods and services by the Fabrique.

3.8 - Repossession by the Fabrique in Case of Non-Payment - The Fabrique may repossess any Burial Site or Temporary Grave for which payment has not been remitted according to the stipulated terms and may also recoup any and all administration charges incurred.

3.9 - Regulations - The Concession Holder must submit to those regulations currently in effect or those that could be adopted in future by the Fabrique concerning all subjects relative to the management of the Cemetery

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